Hello. My name is Byron Mucke.
Your brand is like a three-legged stool. One leg is a quality product or service that you and your team are passionate about and want to share. The second leg is an empathetic and proactive customer interaction protocol. The third is a marketing program that illustrates your company's personality truthfully and with authenticity.
If all of the legs are equal you have a stable platform for growth. If one of these legs is not equal, then it is a constant balancing act.
After many years as an in-house creative, I have had the opportunity to be on the front lines of how a small to mid-size business operates; working with multiple department personalities and needs, budget constraints, customer interaction channels, and understanding the complexities of shipping a tradeshow booth to a show (and getting it back in one piece).

It is this experience that allows me to understand the financial and logistical realities when providing innovative branding strategy and visual communication direction.
My job is to keep it real but also entertaining and informative. To define strategies and create materials that reflect your company's personality, and to make your customer say "Yes, this is a brand that speaks to me!" 
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