Clean Republic is a company that has a variety of brands under the umbrella company. These brands are Dakota Lithium, Dakota Nanotech, and Hilltopper Electric Bike Company. Below are the logos I created or updated for the parent company and the brands.
Clean Republic focus is to create solutions for sustainable communities.  I did not want to go with the basic green leaf or recycling motif.  I wanted to capture and illustrate the ripple effect the company creates from it's products. So I created a stylized ripple on the pond and used a slab serif font to give it a Northwest vibe. Here is the logo and avatar.

Dakota Lithium manufactures lithium iron phosphate batteries The original logo looked similar but had an enclosed surrounding box. I updated it to have the lightning bolt coming out of the box. This gives it a lighter feeling. 
The brand targets a wide variety of markets from bass fishing to high-end sailboats. Along with a wide variety of marketing materials and social media campaigns, we have our popular 3" stickers that represent the breadth of our markets.

Dakota Nanotech is an offshoot of the Dakota Lithium line. It is the powder used in the battery cells and will be sold through B2B channels.  I wanted to still keep the Dakota lineage front and center but giving it a more technical feel. 

Hilltopper was one of the pioneers in electric bike kits back in 2008. Their original logo was uninspired and did not represent the brand they wanted to be. The logo needed to have a strong wordmark for easy application for bike graphics and an immediately recognizable logo. I wanted to avoid the hipster trend of creating an old-fashioned logo because of the modern vibe of the technology and the desire to create a logo that stood the test of time like many of the European bike brands. The logo represents a wheel going up a hill without the literal illustration. It can be modified in fun and creative ways for apparel and other merchandise.
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