This is logo I designed for Ryterra while on contract with Fueled Industries.
Ryterra is a stone and wood recycling company.  They needed a logo that could be used on signage, marketing materials, billing forms, and most importantly, highly visible on the sides of their machinery.
The owner sent some samples of other companies that had colors and elements he liked. Because Ryterra is a made up name any iconic figures were eliminated at the outset. The colors were then limited to black, red, and grey.
I went through many iterations trying to capture the right feel but they were either to complicated, to sophisticated for the market, or to similar to other companies in the field. I kept playing with the concept of the recycling arrows without being to obvious.
After simplifying even more I was able to create a logo that fit the bill This was definitely a challenging identity project but in the end the owner was delighted.  
Final Design
Some of the discarded iterations
Final design on a truck
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